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Effective Marketing Strategies with
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What's a Fractional CMO

A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

  • is a marketing executive hired to improve marketing campaigns through strategy, leadership, and sales.
  • is a part-time executive who take the place of a full-time CMO 
  • provides you with the expertise, skillset, know-how and experience without the high cost of having one on staff.

Why need a FCMO

You need a FCMO when

  • you lack of a marketing strategist or your strategy needs executive guidance
  • your marketing team lacks leadership & organization
  • you lack executive marketing insights
  • your business needs a fresh outlook
  • your company's growth requires a marketing professional
  • your past marketing strategies failed
  • you need expertise guidance to build a good marketing team
  • your marketing team is overwhelmed
  • your sales team makes their own marketing materials
  • your business doesn't need a full-time Chief Marketing Officer

Your Benefits

Cost Savings & Improved Efficiency

Cost effective than hiring a full-time CMO. Able to identify areas for improvement & streamline processes, making marketing efforts more effective & efficient.

Expertise with Faster Results

Brings a wealth of experience & knowledge from various industries. Thus able to quickly assess the current marketing strategy to identify areas of improvement, for faster results & better ROI.

Well-equipped with Objective Perspective

FCMO keep themselves updated with industry trends while socialising your business with the right connections. Not influenced by internal politics & culture of the organization, which may impact decision-making.

Partners for Life

Fractional means flexible and bite-sized, but the professional working relationship goes a long way.

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